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What is Syntropy Agent?

Syntropy Agent is an easy-to-use dependency to automatically encrypt and connect endpoints within a network. Syntropy's user interface allows heightened visibility into network health and connectivity.

Problems Syntropy Agent Solves

There are 3 main components that are required to build a sustainable network:

  1. WireGuard® tunnel to secure communications on the network
  2. Protocol to facilitate endpoint communications on the network
  3. Interface to manage the network as a whole

Once a sustainable network is built, there must be an infrastructure in place to facilitate fast and effective onboarding of new endpoints into the ecosystem.

Network creations require a significant amount of time and resources to ensure that data is secure, and communications are fluid. Experience has shown that this process can lead to delayed timelines for deployment and inefficient paradigms for communication between endpoints.

Syntropy Agent takes all of the above and provides a single solution for teams to deploy secure and efficient networks with just a few commands.

Why this matters?

Development Operations costs have skyrocketed over the past decade as businesses try to offer the most robust user experience possible to their customers.

Network creations have not undergone the same innovations that other web components have, such as user interfaces and application integrations. There has not been a simple way for companies to connect and expand their services without going through an expensive rebuilding process.

The Syntropy Agent provides a lightweight and cost-effective solution for companies to evolve their business operations and user experiences. Install the Syntropy Agent today and see how quickly it can change your business.