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Get your Agent Token

First things first - to start using Syntropy Agent you need to set up an Agent token. Head to User section to create one.

Click on New Agent Token and create one by adding a name and its expiration date.

Agent token scopes

To support our incoming feature of Network Automatization by Rules, as well as to increase the security of the Networks we have introduced the Agent Token Scopes.

By setting up an Agent Token Scope you can define the particular Tags the agent using that token can join. This works as a limiting factor so that the agent won't be allowed to accidentally get a tag, which would result in it automatically connecting to the most crucial parts of the Network.

Specific tags can be set as scopes even though they might not exist yet. This allows you to lay out the network architecture and set its limiting factors before even spinning up the agents.

🚧 Important

Make sure you save your agent token, as it will only be displayed once!

The same agent token can be used multiple times, though.

We build Syntropy Stack with high security standards in mind, so this is done to limit the damage in case one's account is compromised.